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 So as a failed academic--I mean it's not official official but it's pretty close--the new plan is to transition into instructional design. 

This has been a long time coming, and I've foreseen the distinct possibility of not securing permanent work in post-secondary education. I've become a very good college professor in a narrow, personality-based way, and more importantly, the work feels easy and fun.

I'd rather take a few small steps sideways than abandon education altogether, and instructional design seems like an obvious move. People are hiring, the money is okay, and hopefully I won't hate it. (What I need in work is autonomous problem-solving; anything else and I kind of want to die). 

I'm going through some grief about not being a good enough philosopher given an admittedly very shitty job market, but of course if I was as brilliant as I thought I was at about 19 then I would be at Harvard with tenure already. Yes, okay, there are factors outside of my control that explain my current situation. There are others that were, and it's okay if I admit to myself I didn't do a great job with them.

Through Fanshawe College I have access to's training modules on Instructional Design, I've downloaded pirated versions of software, and I have a plan to create a portfolio based on last Summer's logic course (which used open source texts--a decision I made which was partially motivated by anticipating I would have to do this transition).

So yeah, I saw this coming. Still stings. I've been teaching at Fanshawe College part-time for 3 years and wasn't even selected for pre-interview internal testing despite getting wonderful student reviews, above average every year. I would've been perfectly content teaching some philosophy courses and a bunch of boring communications and writing classes.

By my calculations I'm eligible for 4-5 months of EI. In that window I'll re-train myself and start over... at 38.

Don't know if I will post here more but there's definitely some stuff that my 'curated' FB personality can't really talk about. Gotta keep up appearances.


Date: 2017-05-23 04:09 am (UTC)
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I stumbled onto Dreamwidth with thoughts and things that can't go on FB... only to notice that I do have one link on here! Glad to see you alive and kicking, sad to hear that things are rocky on the employment front.

For the record, I don't see your current course as a "failure", I see a change of path, a redirection, a waning of interest and a need to reevaluate. Nothing wrong with that.

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